Dobroń is strong center of traditional culture. Here in 1880 a Library of Polish writers works came into being, in 1886 The Song Society "Lutnia" was founded, in 1902 was Brass Band established.     In 1958 on the initiative of some activists e.g,: Wojciech Wiesław Kabza, Jerzy Michalak, Maria Neugebauer, Włodzimierz Sysio and Barbara Żórawska, Folk Dance and Songs Group "Dobroń" was founded consisting of 60-member choir, 5-member band and 12 dancing pairs.     The first instuctors were: Melania Rudzka as the choreographer and Mikołaj Stanisławski as the musician. The manager of the Group since the beginning for 30 years had been Barbara Żórawska.     Many choreographers and musicians cooperated with "Dobroń" Group: Ryszard Józef Sarosiek, Mirosława Kozicka, Irena Kik, Teresa Dębska, Włodzimierz Traczewski, Sławomir Mazurkiewicz, Barbara Szwaba, Wiktor Dębiński, Sławomir Lipiec, Jacek Lewandowski, Maria Kuśnierz, Sylwester Kabza, Krzysztof Turała.     Now the Group has been run by Mrs.Kamila Zastróżna as the Chief, Mrs.Marlena Prusisz  been working as the choreographer, The folk music band is under leadership of Mr Stanisław Wojtczak, Mr Janusz Kaźmierczak deals with the wocals.     The rich repertoire of "Dobroń" has got songs and dances from various regions of Poland as: Sieradz, Łowicz, Kraków, Kujawy, Opoczno, Lublin, Rzeszów, dances of highlanders from Żywiec, Podhale,Beskid, regional spectacles - "Siemieniec" and "Sieradz Wedding". We have also in programme our national dances: polonez, mazur, krakowiak, kujawiak, oberek.     The "Dobroń" Group presented its artistic achievements on the stages in many European countries as : Germany, Austria, USSR ( in the past), the former Yugoslavia, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia, Spain, Finland, Holland, France, Italy, Hungary, Sicily and North Korea.      The members of "Dobroń" come mostly from Dobroń, as well as nearby places. The dance tradition is so strong, that is goes from one generation to the next one. Whole families are engaged: grandparents, parents, grandchildren. The youngest members of "Dobroń" are already the third or fourth generation of the dancers.

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